Your family’s protection and safety are one of the most important things in life. Having as much protection is always the best option. Having glass break sensors just adds to the feeling of safety in your home! 

Why choose glass break sensors when I already have an alarm system and/or motion sensors? Well, if someone chooses to break into a window in your home versus entering through a door, you wouldn’t know, and your system would not go off. This is especially likely in a larger house. For instance, you may be upstairs and your alarm might be set to “stay”. Because your alarm is set to “stay”, your motion sensors are deactivated. So even if motion takes place, the sensors still won’t be set off.

Glass break sensors are very unique in the way they work. All other sensors are tripped by motion, whereas glass break sensors are tripped by the actual frequency of glass breaking. There is no way an intruder could sneak around that! Motion detectors can be avoided if an intruder knows where they are, but the sound of glass breaking cannot be masked. By installing glass break sensors, you can be sure that if anyone breaks into any area of your home, you will know.

According to, “23% of home burglars get access to the home through a first-floor window. 2% of burglaries take place through second story windows that are left open or unlocked.” That’s 25% or a quarter of burglaries that take place through entering a window. 

By installing glass break sensors, you’re only upping your safety even more! Ensure that you, your loved ones, and your belongings are safe.  Get glass break sensors!



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